I am doing move data from old version to new version base on nopcommerce

nopcommercer widget product comments with customer care in admin mode

Have you ever think about comment and customer care in product page 
Mean that: when customer comment to a product
The staff can see and reply them intermediately 
Then they can chat together to get more information and staff can sale product

If you have never write nopcommerce widget plugin plz read this first

here is source code simple and sample to do that in nopcommerce
I wrote it as widget plugin

download source code

Extract to your Plugins folder of your nopcommerce project
There are 2 project Nop.Plugin.BadPayBad.Core and Nop.Plugin.BadPayBad.ProductsComments

find your product template  "ProductTemplate.Simple.cshtml" or "ProductTemplate.Grouped.cshtml"

then add this line 

        @Html.Action("FrontEnd", "BadPayBadProductsComments", new { productId = Model.Id, systemName = "Nop.Plugin.BadPayBad.ProductsComments.BadPayBadWidgetProductCommentsPlugin" })

So now you clean solution then build

And install plugin (install core first then install widget product comment)
Grand access right in access control list (these step can click to see the guide )

Go to you product page then try

Or you want live demo at http://ideasonpaper.net/

account to do customer care: test@test.test password: test

you can register your own account to do comment