I am doing move data from old version to new version base on nopcommerce

nopcommerce widget plugin Live announcement support html display full source code

This is simple nopcommerce widget to help you to broadcast message to visitor surfing your site.
I plan to intergarat with product customer care as live chat. but first version I will share just broadcast an message 

full source code click here to download
SignalR support and also use PubSubServices.

download and extract to Plugins folder in your solution to custom or just build then run
if you the guys first time work with nopcommerce widget plugin plz read this first

find and open _Root.cshtml make sure we have this line at bottom 

You must comment bellow line to SignalR can work. find it in web.config in Nop.Web
 <!--<add key="owin:AutomaticAppStartup" value="false" />-->

In case some dll reference you should care, if it existed in Nop.Web/bin you should set to "false"

finnaly clean solution and build. 
do some step to install plugin and enable it you will got similar to bellow