I am doing move data from old version to new version base on nopcommerce

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redis as message queue for micro services and event sourcing

The basic ideas:
- use redis as center server pubsub and message queue.
- type of object will become an channel in redis
- every change for object will published to subcribers to process
- worker (process business) work as the chain in factory
- work follow of states object become sequence of type's object

RepositoryEngine and ServicesEngine console app Code structor


pubsub services with c-sharp, sample socket for server and client full source code


simple and light weight pub sub write in c#
subcriber and channel, message passing is plain text

class PubSubServices : main data store (subcribers, channel, messages)

class PubSubSocketServer: provide upd socket server to subcribe or publish...
class PubSubSocketClient: provide client in c# to call pubpub socket serivices

anonymous chickchat in android

you now can use anonymous chickchat in android

download and install in your device, need allow unsource install


nopcommercer widget product comments with customer care in admin mode


Have you ever think about comment and customer care in product page 
Mean that: when customer comment to a product
The staff can see and reply them intermediately 
Then they can chat together to get more information and staff can sale product

here is source code simple and sample to do that in nopcommerce
I wrote it as widget plugin

[download source code here]

simple sample to create and use widget for nopcommerce


Here is very simple code to create and use widget in nopcommerce

First you can download nopcommerce version 3.70 in here http://www.nopcommerce.com/downloads.aspx
Seconds you should read bellow link
Third download project sample widget for nopcommerce
 here http://badpaybad.info/upload/nopcommerce/Nop.Plugin.BadPayBad.HelloWorld.zip
I just do a simple text display "Hello world"

public class HelloWorlWidgetNopPlugin : BasePlugin, IWidgetPlugin

read more

chickchat with signalr, mvc, redis


In blog before I write redis with nodejs and socketio

So no need talk more about redis or something
I just code : ))

fullsource code https://badpaybad.info/svn/RedisSample/
acc/pwd: readonly/readonly

open solution and find project badpaybad.chickchatweb

mvc signalr redis together in a sample
can run live demo anonymous chat in http://chickchat.badpaybad.info